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Covid-19 Return To Swimming Guidelines

Tockington Manor Pool & Kingswood School Pool

We are delighted to announce our return to swimming on Monday 19th April 2021 at Tockington Manor School and late May 2021 at Kingswood School.

Before you have a browse through our guided tour video's kindly provided by Evie for Tockington Manor and Bryony for Kingswood School there are a few other points for initial consideration to be aware of. 

Our Covid-19 Officer is Kate Sheppard. Any relevant information will be passed onto Kate to be acted upon by our Covid-19 Liaison Representatives. The liaison representative will be poolside but may differ from day to day. So if you see anything please shout out and let us know so we may be able to improve upon existing practises as we move through the pandemic.

Lesson duration will now be increased to 25 minutes. This will allow the children and parents to get used to the rules again as both Covid-19 Safety and Water Safety are our primary concerns at this stage.

Over 7's must come beach ready and prepared for swimming and towel off on returning to the car with parents.

Under 7's and children with special educational needs will be given priority access to the changing rooms.

There will be no showering on site.

Teachers will be present poolside (not in the water). Teachers will tend to stay in the same position throughout lessons and pool teaching equipment will be kept to a minimum to reduce transmission.

There is a one way system in place to be adhered to.

Please can you now watch Evie or Bryony who will now give you a guided tour!

Tockington School Approach
Entering The Pool Complex
Changing And Greeting teaching Staff
Dropping Off Under 7's And Exiting Facility
Picking up under 7's
Exiting The Pool And Returning To Car Park
Collecting Over 7's
Path For Returning To Car Park for Under 5's
Path For Returning To The Car Park For Under 7's
Path Returning To The Car Park
Path Returning To The Car Park

Kingswood School Approach And Dropping Off.

Under 7 Parents Exiting The Pool Complex.

Greeting Your Teacher.

Exiting The Pool Over 7's

Collecting Under 7's.

Over 7's Collection And Exiting The Pool Complex

Under 7's Changing Area And Exiting The Pool Complex.

New Post Swimming changing room access at Tockington Pool.

New Post Swimming changing room access at Kingswood Pool.


Lastly as you are aware, as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic, staff will be conducting daily routine screening of new health symptoms to all staff, swimmers and parents entering the pool complex. This is to protect your health and Safety, and those of others at Sport Education Swim School. 

Health Questionaire

Today if you have had any of the following:

New Cough *

Fever / Temperature*

Unusually Short of Breath during exercise or at rest*

Loss of smell*

Loss of Taste*

Red Eyes or Sticky Eyes

New Abdominal Pain or Diarrhoea

New Blocked / Runny Nose

New unusual fatigue with muscle and joint pains


Feeling generally unwell in any other way

If you have had any of these symptoms, please report it to your doctor and do not attend your swimming sessions.

* Indicates most sensitive symptoms


Objective fever defined as 37.6 degrees Centigrade. 

* Most individuals that are positive for COVID -19 do not appear to have fever.

In line with current government protocols regarding Covid -19 we reserve the right to follow the NHS England Track and Trace Programme to safeguard and protect members of Sport Education Swim School. This will be inline with GDPR data sharing policies and procedures.

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